December 7, 2020

Balog Ophthalmic Polyclinic website

Balog Ophthalmic Polyclinic is well-known in the field of diagnostics, eye treatments and surgery.

The Polyclinic is located in the city centre of Osijek. Their respectable team of specialists have introduced a number of medical services in ophthalmology and aesthetic procedures as well as providing optical and optometric services.

The solution

Before designing the new website, we had to review the current solution and identify pain points. We created a wireframe and held several meetings with the client to make sure that the proposed layout and navigation suited their content. After the wireframe and documentation were approved, we moved on to design phase.

The client wanted to display as many information in the main menu as possible, making it easier for users to find what they are looking for. We created a menu that displayed content (image and short text) while hovering over the menu item, also the items can be grouped so it is possible to have up to 3 levels of content. On desktop version, while scrolling the website, the menu remains stuck to the top of the screen but mobile version is displayed instead.

Since the Polyclinic offers a large range of services, we wanted to create an administration which is easy use and customizable. User can add sections to a subpage, such as the accordion with services, or the CTA element "Make an appointment". On the homepage, user can easily add another featured section and define the title, short text, image and button.

The website has two blogs - "News" and "Diseases and conditions".

The contact form was also tailored to better suit patients needs. We removed unnecessary fields, edited field labels and added the option to attach files.Browse the website:

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