December 15, 2020

TerraPia Skincare Webshop

Webshop Design & Development to launch the full branding project

TerraPia Skincare product line was developed by our dear client Marcela Šperanda, professor at the Faculty of Agrobiotecnical Sciences in Osijek and advocate for natural skin products.

We have been part of Marcela's journey from the very beginning, ever since she presented her idea about a skincare product line based on the mineral zeolite. Together we created a brand called TerraPia.Browse our Work:

The solution

After creating brand name and packaging identity, we started working on TerraPia webshop. A few platforms were considered before selecting Wordpress and WooCommerce. Once wireframe and documentation were approved, we designed each page of the webshop. Guest and registered users can create an order, and registered users can leave a review after purchasing the product. In About page we placed a text about Marcela and the origin of TerraPia brand to give a personalised touch and communicate founders expertise in the field of natural cosmetics. Browse the website:

  1. WordPress & WooCommerce
  2. HTML5
  3. CSS3
  4. ES6 JS
  5. PHP7
  6. JQuery
  7. OWL carousel
  8. GSAP
  9. Underscore.js
  10. AJAX