American Bar Dollar

Rebranding // Identity

The main focus of the American Bar “Dollar” in food preparation and interior ambience is based on traditional American barbecue and burger bars. At the opening, the restaurant used the classic symbol of the American dollar but eventually lost the title “Dollar” due to mistaken communication and visual expression. Instead, it assumed the style of the “American” cuisine and ambience. With this kind of communication, the restaurant has brought its own name and brand into question.
The goal of the redesign of the visual identity was a logo design that would put the name of the restaurant in the foreground, strengthen the brand and justify the quality of services offered, as well as become the symbol of one of the best restaurants in the city and the surrounding area.
In accordance with the name of the restaurant, we decided to keep the symbol in the form of an American dollar, and with a small graphic intervention in a form of a burning impression of a barbecue grate, we have created a major identity and restaurant offer recognition, namely the American barbecue. If we go into deeper symbolism, the BBQ impression has another meaning. American cattle farms used to stamp their cattle as a way of branding them in order to indicate ownership as well as to guarantee the quality of their produce. In the style of cattle branding, we have designed a characteristic and unique system of pictograms (icons), which was developed for the purpose of signaling throughout the restaurant, for promotional purposes and for communication regarding the meals on the menu. With the new visual identity of the American Bar “Dollar”, we want to achieve association with BBQ, meat and the desire to eat, which is exactly what the American BBQ bars offer.
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