Atika Projekti

Rebranding // identity

Architectural office Atika (Attic) deals with the design of high-rise projects - project documentation, construction supervision and architectural consulting. Each Atika project is individual and distinct, often different from standard solutions. In addition to architectural solutions, Atika also offers construction. Atika's inspiration is based on modern architecture from the early 20th century, deconstructionism, concrete, nature, minimalism and the relationship between architecture and design.
Create a brand identity that reflects functional and purposeful architecture that draw the attention of casual observers, rational but contemporary.
We created a visual identity with dual communication. The logo shows the direct meaning of the term "Atika" (Attic) - the floor height and decoration located on the highest part of the building, while in a broader aspect, it displays company values in a decent and concise manner; modernity, functionality and minimalism.
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