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BooLab is a fragrant, natural and fun cosmetics without "bullshit". Handmade cosmetics you would like to eat. In addition to products for hygiene, face and body care, the BooLab range includes decorative cosmetics and children's skin care. BooLab cosmetics nourish the body and are suitable for all skin types, all ages, pregnant women, vegetarians and vegans. BooLab clients are trendy and modern, educated people of both sexes who know what they are buying, follow trends in the field of cosmetics and stick to sustainability and the absence of chemicals in skin care (skinimalism).
Natural cosmetics available to everyone, devoid of unnecessary elements and environmentally conscious. Honest, ethically correct, sustainable cruelty free, handmade cosmetics, without additional packaging and unnecessary elements.
The visual identity of a packaging range with its refined form, communicates all the values of the BooLab brand, minimal, quality, safe and fun cosmetics. Honest and authentic products will make you a fan of this natural cosmetics, which can be enjoyed by all family members for body care and highlighting of natural beauty.
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