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Brzica Winery is a family winery with vineyards located in Erdut, in the place of the most beautiful view of the Danube river. The winery found its anchorage right on the slope (surduk) of one of the meanders of the Danube river. With the harmony of its wine drops and the excellence of production, their desire is to position wines on the throne of top wine producers.
Create the visual identity of a series of packaging for Brzica wines that will uniquely combine the local historical, geographical and ethnological characteristics of the Erdut area, and the area along the Danube. Each drop of Brzica wine tels a certain story, and by creating a new label, the goal is to convey a part of Erdut's identity and create new wine (and life) stories.
The packaging design is based on tradition, the landscape along the Danube river and the newly formed symbolism associated with the story of the winery. The Danube River has always been linked to the way of life, survival and activities of the people who lived along it. The River of Kings or King of European Rivers passes through several European capitals as well as through the Erdut region. Naturalness, fertility, harmony, joy of living and almost surreal idyllic landscape are the characteristics we use to describe the Danube. The Erdut region just like the Danube is defined by the history, customs and local characteristics that have developed there for centuries. One of the specific customs is the custom of Kings and Queens (Ljelje) in which young girls and boys visited the backyards of the hosts and singing and dancing announced a successful farming year, abundance and fertility in every sense. The royal character is what we want to assign to the Brzica wines. Each wine tends to become the Queen or King in its generation, but also among the competition of many wines from Slavonia and Baranja. In the visual context each variety of wine exudes a certain color that is used to differentiate the varieties from each other. By taste, each wine acquires certain fruity or floral characteristics. Thus, fruit trees and herbs whose characteristics the wine tends to are drawn on the crowns-hats. Ultimately the resulting wine characters personified in a human figure that carry with them both the aforementioned elements and symbolism.
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