Cingi Lingi Carda

Identity Design

Čingi Lingi Čarda is a cult place that traces its roots and greatest popularity to the era of the ex Yugoslavia. It was a place of meetings, socializing, good food and drinks, and entertainment that lasted long into the night with the sounds of live music. The name Čingi Lingi Čarda is associated with the ringing of the bell "ching-ling", which hung on the tree in the middle of the restaurant, and which announced the arrival of the post coach. The bell later got its second practical purpose, the one who rang the bell was ready to "turn the round" for all present. It is assumed that the Čarda existed since Austria-Hungary, when it was a gathering place for livestock traders. It is for this reason that the logo sign was created to symbolically represent the bell and its ringing, and constitutes its central recognizable element of identity.
Given that the restaurant is located on the banks of the old Drava, an extremely beautiful, bohemian, cult and relaxing location, the complete development of the visual identity is based on the nature and specific views of the river that surrounds the restaurant, as well as recognizable tradition and ethnography. In this way, the desire was to evoke the emotions of past times, good atmosphere, beautiful memories, tradition and relaxing atmosphere that is located in nature right next to the old Drava, but in the immediate vicinity of the city of Osijek.
The concept of the restaurant is traditional architecture in a modern way, so this logo proposal is a modern interpretation of ethnic motifs from the Slavonic tradition. The basic element of the logo consists of four bells that symbolize ringing (ching-ling), but by multiplying this element we have the possibility of creating a recognizable and unique pattern, which is undoubtedly associated with traditional elements of Slavonian folk costume. With its appearance, the logo represents a more traditional approach and a "vintage" visual expression, but with its further interpretation and application of the visual identity, it appears modern, and corresponds to all the desired values of the new Čingi Lingi Čarda restaurant that we want to communicate.
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