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OPG Kalić Zvonimir is an ecological producer of industrial hemp from the heart of Slavonia, Đakovo. The family estate in Vrpolje is the place where Croaticanna food and natural cosmetic products are being produced, processed, and sold. A lot of love, effort and handwork is woven into Croaticanna products by the Kalić family with many years of experience in the production of industrial hemp, accompanied by an ecological, vegan and “Healthy Living” certificate and label. Wishes and goals are clear – to present the „From the field to the table” production and offer a local, Slavonic and Croatian Croaticanna product! To have a healthy, beautiful, happy, and cheerful lifestyle, start your day with hemp from the Kalić family!
The first step in branding process these specific products was to create a brand name. The compound word Croaticanna – refers to the hemp that comes from a clearly defined area, but at the same time the brand name is clear and understandable internationally. The second part covered the creation of the etire brand together with the solutions for the packaging design of over 30 different products.
The Kalić family comes from the Slavonian town Vrpolje, and they wanted to clearly and traditionally communicate their family production through the future brand. All the work related to their production is handwork - from the working in the fields to the processing and production of various food and cosmetic products. For this reason, the principles of Slavonian needlework was used in creation of hemp pattern that symbolizes Slavonia and traditional handwork. The choice of colors emphasizes the green, eco and healthy aspects of hemp, while the complementary red emphasizes the traditional color of the embroidery and the color that is a strong brand backbone.
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