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The Zorić distillery is located in the very heart of Slavonia in the old town of Erdut. In addition to modern production intertwined with tradition, it produces brandies and liqueurs from local organic fruits. Through the distillation process, with the most modern technology, the greatest essences of fruit are separated and extracted so that DIVANIA brandies have an exceptional fruity aroma and a light, crisp taste.
To provide the ultimate pleasure of drinking brandy and to create elegant packaging with a touch of tradition, which will be noticeable and unforgettable for the customer.
The name Divania is a derivative of the word "divaniti" as a tool that loosens the tongue and then starts a conversation. Divaniti in the Slavonic dialect means to talk pleasantly. The packaging design is inspired by the traditional Slavonian pattern from folk costumes, in a modern interpretation. The label was created from the basic elements of the traditional branch and flower pattern, while the central part was separated and modified into a combination of branches and fruit of a particular type of brandy. The elements of the packaging are used throughout the series of products, thus creating a very clear product differentiation and brand recognition.
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