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There is only one "popper" in Osijek, a doctor of trade. The longest-running and best producer of popcorn, the location of which is known by everyone, but the recipe by no one. The secret recipe is kept for generations so the quality should be protected with a brand. It is for this reason that we came up with the name dr. Pops, which in a famous location "near the cinema" delights all past and future generations.
We associate popcorn with free time, going to the cinema, watching a game, walking with the children. We consume them carefree, with joy and in pleasant and relaxing moments. The goal is to transfer these attributes to the product packaging. Flavoured popcorn is still an innovative and unknown product for most people on our market, so the goal is to introduce people to the product and win over customers with new flavours. The advantage over the competition is knowledge, recognition on the market and a long tradition of quality. The goal is to attract new consumers, especially the younger generation and to spread the culture of consuming classic and flavoured popcorn, with a dynamic and attractive design.
Vibrant, playful and shocking. This is how we describe the taste, appearance and impression of flavored popcorn. The first step in developing the brand was naming. Guided by the location from which the product comes, as well as traditional and ethnological symbols, the term "shokica/e" is used. The name has been modernized and a part of the grapheme of the English word "shock" has been integrated into it. Shokice retains its phonetic source of the name, but with the connotation of shock and good taste. In addition to the shockingly good name of Shokica, the continuation of the task was to create the corresponding packaging design. The dynamic of the packaging's visuals is emphasized by the choice of colors and fluttering lines that follow the energy of the popping popcorn. The basis of the visual is oriented to the product itself inside the bag as its main carrier.
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