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Through the educational process and scientific research in the field of economics and business economics, the Faculty of Economics in Osijek creates competent individuals capable of coping with various environmental challenges. The institution is recognizable for its excellence, innovation and creativity in education, as well as its contribution to the community at the regional, national and international levels.
Redesign and standardize visual identity without radical changes in graphic elements; colors and shapes. The new design must have a stylistic foothold in the old visual identity.
The old logo represents one of the "pillars" of modern society - education. The client wanted to keep that motif but it needed to be abstracted and made more dynamic. The horizontal edges in the symbol are slanted in an upward direction, which represents progress, and the element associated with the trend line in the graphs from the old symbol is abstracted into a dynamic rhomboid shape, which represents knowledge. The typographic part of the logo, an acronym, is performed in capital letters in the new logo to further strengthen the impression of an institution with a long tradition that instills confidence. The new visual identity seems modern, powerful and consistent. The logo and other graphic elements are functional and adaptable to various media and formats. All business and commercial means of communication and their application are standardized by clearly defined graphic standards
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