Galic Galileo


Winery Galić is a prime example of a modern winery dedicated to grape processing, with a clear mission of producing high-quality wines. Located in the heart of Kutjevo, the winery constantly invests in different regions of Croatia, recognizing their potential for creating excellent wines. Winery Galić is not only a place where wines are made, but also a place where love is awakened, passion is born and where new wine legends are created.
Galić Winery has a rich history of innovation, and the latest gem in their collection is the premium Graševina Galileo. This exclusive Graševina from the 2022 was produced in a limited series of only 1,800 bottles and was aged in the revolutionary Galileo Oak barrel. This barrel is the first of its kind in Croatia and only the ninth in the world. In the combination of tradition and innovation and the spherical shape of the barrel and the 360° rotation system, the wine undergoes gentle stirring during fermentation, which results in a delicate process of extraction and maturation. The glass window on the barrel allows you to observe all stages of fermentation and maturation of this superb wine. Graševina Galileo represents a perfect symbiosis of tradition and modern techniques, making it an exclusive choice for true wine lovers. The goal of the project was to design a suitable label and packaging that will represent the winery's new product.
Galileo Galilei said that wine is sunlight held together by water. Inspired by the sun, its rays and geometry, as well as the perfect shapes of the innovative Galileo barrel, we came up with a design that combines the symbolism and a superior aesthetic impression. By using quality materials and carefully selected printing techniques, we achieved an exclusive final look. Our goal was to create a design that would visually and tactilely present the new wine from the Galić Winery's offer in the most representative way, ensuring that it becomes an indispensable part of the collections of true lovers of premium wine drops.
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