Hokus Okus

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Hokus Okus is franchise fast food restaurant specialized in Turkish food - kebabs, tortilla wraps, nuggets and salads. The Abrakebabra brand was established in 2013 with the main goal to change the wrong perception of Turkish food specialties. In Croatia, people think of kebab as something that is bad, of low quality and made in a nonhygienic way. This is the main perception that poisoned the market in Croatia. Their story is built on magic, an inimitable experience that they offer with their products through fresh groceries, authentic recipes and through sharing the love for M.O.A.S. culture (“Meat On A Stick”). Their brand was recognized in Zagreb in May 2016 where they opened another fast food restaurant. Unfortunately, there has recently been a confrontation with the same trademark name. In this situation, the client recognized the opportunity to raise the brand to a new level, improving the quality of products and services, and expanding the supply as well as redesigning their restaurant in Osijek.
The main task was to come up with a name that that contains the same links to magic as the former name did. The new name “Hokus Okus” is a modified phrase that contains the Croatian word “okus”, which means “taste” and is the food’s main feature.
The mascot needed to be in comic style, and have a western culture feel to it. The typeface was aimed to look like something that the vintage magician and illusionist posters used to have.
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