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The distillery wants to offer consumers a premium product to enjoy. They don't want to encourage drunkenness by drinking industrial drinks, rather than culture drinking in the richness of ingredients of homemade brandies. The distillery want to create the habit and trend of drinking top quality fruit brandies and liqueurs.
The very thought of this sentence spoken in a Croatian bar is completely unambiguous in the context of our country and the environment. When someone speaks these words, everyone knows what they mean – rakija (a type of brandy). Rakija is the most popular spirit drink (shot) in Croatia. So much so that there is a media estimate that every fifth Croatian drinks rakija. Entering the market with the name JEDNA (ONE) is a good foundation for interesting and fun communication of the brand. Just imagine for a moment, "SHALL WE HAVE ONE (JEDNA)?" with such a name becomes a question and the answer at the same time. ONE for the road, A short ONE, A sharp ONE, ONE named Vilja, ONE made of quince, ONE made of apricot, ...
The design proposal is based on hand-made animal illustrations characteristic of Slavonia and Baranja. Each illustration represents one type of rakija, which helps us distance product from the classic approach of representing a type of this drink with a picture of a fruit. To make the illustrations authentic and courageous, animal heads and bodies were drawn separately. The bodies come in various gentleman's suits, whether it be a modern jacket and a tie, or a traditional Baroque suit. The labels are complemented by additional illustrations of the production process, as we want to educate the buyer about the quality of production. The label also contains a characteristic folk tale about the birth of rakija, as well as the conceptual link to the animals and a proper way to drink rakija.
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