La melea

Packaging // Identity

La Melea is a cosmetics company based in Switzerland that offers homemade, 100% organic skin care products free from any paraben & silicone. The name MELEAH in Arabic means "a woman with radiant and glowing skin".
Create an identity that will attract customers who want to achieve an even skin texture, free from acne, bad skin conditions (oily, dry, rough) and skin disease. The labels should have a touch of class and luxury, emphasising the power and richness of its natural ingredients.
Concept for creating a Visual identity and Packaging design follows the concept of production and key values of the natural cosmetics brand. The logo consists of floral elements which are symmetrically and centrally arranged, communicating beauty, proportionality and harmony. By choosing the main module of the logo - a leaflet, emphasis is on natural cosmetics. A pattern has been created by multiplying the module; applying it on the product label gives a sophisticated look & feel. Ultimately, a well-shaped logo, selected elegant typography and colours (white, black and gold) give a refined and luxurious look that is associated with purity and effectiveness of natural cosmetics.
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