Laura Var Makeup PR box


Laura Var is a Portuguese brand of cosmetic products targeting younger generation, the so-called "Gen Z". In order to popularize and promote values and new products on the market, Laura Var conceived a premium lipstick collection called “Never Just A Gloss”. The new innovative packaging of the entire collection is not part of the standard offer, but is conceived as a PR product for influencers and brand promoters.
The main design goal was to create striking PR packaging that will leave an impression, meet functional criteria, be environmentally friendly and ultimately be reusable due to its aesthetics and expressiveness. In addition to all the above requirements the packaging had to deviate from the standard and often seen PR packaging and create a "wow effect" in every respect.
Responsible business and care for the environment is the basic premise that this brand advocates, so PR makeup packaging is made entirely of high quality paper, focusing on combining different paper textures and holo folio shiny details, which will highlight the product name. Due to the specifics of the opening, content and complete production, the packaging is "Instagramable" and the opening act itself has an interactive component, encouraging users to create a unique video and photos using the recognizable hashtag #neverjustagloss.
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