Little Gipsy Gin

Naming // Packaging

Little Gipsy gin originated in the Romić craft distillery, which specializes in processing and production fruit brandies and liqueurs. Gin is launched to upgrade the existing production of alcoholic beverages, based on top quality fruit distillates and botanists from all over the Republic of Croatia. The ultimate production goal is quality, which is achieved by limited production for customers who want to enjoy an excellent craft product.
By creating a new visual solution, the goal is to follow the ongoing metaphorical story gipsy culture associated with the name of the gin producer. Systematic research of gipsy culture, history and way of life has selected the most recognizable motifs and symbols that we associate with gipsy way of life. During the realization of the visual part of the label, the guiding thought was that the symbolic content itself accompanies the materialization of the form in print production. The element of copper foil was used on the front of the label, as a link with the practice of collecting and reselling metals.
With a unique story and a specific metaphorical connection of the name, with the gin producer surname (Little Gipsy-Romić) and the basic base of “Cigančica” cherry distillate, we developed a layered and conceptually interesting visual expression. In designing the illustration, the idea was to create a recognizable identity of a series of gins, where every new flavor follow the new illustration. Gin was in its beginnings the drink of the poor, especially in gipsy culture in the area of ​​Great Britain from where it originates. Guided by some specifics of gipsy life, moments characteristic of their culture and way of life are shown. Dance, music, nomadism, travel, tarot, freedom, as well as the general atmosphere of joy and hedonism. Vibrant colors emphasize the splendor and joy of life. Horror vacui (* lat .; fear of emptiness,) arrangement of elements in the illustration, highlight the aspect of extravagance in every segment of gipsy culture. Finally, by naming phase of the project we setup foundation of the packaging design concept with a distinct rhythmicity and vividness scenes.
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