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Pécs, Hungary, is the European capital of glove making, thanks to the centuries of artisan effort in developing the best production processes and techniques. The glove makers in Pécs have perfected the craft of different types of leather and the finishing technologies for tan leather. One of those new Hungarian brands is Mantocco, inspired by the European spirit of exploration and hedonism. The design of gloves reflects the confidence of the French race car drivers and the boldness of the Italian artists who designed the classic cars. Today, putting the driving gloves on is not connected to easier driving and hand protection. It's a fashion statement, but it also sends a message of sophistication and mastery.
The newly developed Mantocco brand needed sophisticated packaging that would reflect the seriousness and luxury of handmade leather gloves. Considering the handmade aspect, the idea is to create a customized package with maintenance manuals that will suit individual glove models depending on their dimensions (women's/men's models).
Finally, a simple packaging fulfill all aesthetic and functional requirements, from the display of gloves in custom boxes or sending/transportation in which the appropriate packaging provides adequate protection for the gloves. In the context of the material, textured paper was chosen with the Mantocco logo and slogan imprinted in the folio printing technique. The packaging comes with a small label filled with product informations and maintenance manual. The gloves are personalized, so before each piece is made by hand, the customer chooses the model, leather color and binding so that they fit perfectly into the car's interior and their own wishes. The general impression that this top product leaves is luxury, sophistication, precision and the desire for every future customer to feel their own strength and individuality with their personalized Mantocco package.
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