NK Osijek Wine Packaging


Football Club Osijek is one of the most important football clubs in Croatia due to its overall contribution to Croatian football, most notably in the form of some very successful players that have been raised in the club. FC Osijek was founded in 1947 and entered the First League in 1953.
Wine packaging design is a part of the rebranding process for Football Club Osijek and its official products. The official wine is not for sale and will be used exclusively as a gift for sponsors and business partners as well as during matches and events organized by NK Osijek.
The paper gift packaging is designed with the inscription “Osijek” on all 4 sides of the packaging, and by stacking the boxes one next to another, an identical large inscription will be formed. This way we've drawn the attention of the guests to the displayed packaging and made it the visual centerpiece of the area it is placed in. NK Osijek offers Chardonnay, Moscato Giallo and Merlot. The paper box was designed in two color combinations; white and blue, for distinguishing between packaging of white and red wine.
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