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The Regulator company has been dealing with various methods and sources of cooling, heating and sanitation in the home for many years. The new model of doing business required the modernization of communication and work towards clients, therefore it was necessary to create a brand strategy and a way of communication through new visual identity. Heating, cooling and sanitation are not just fire, ice and water. They define the home, creating comfortable and warm atmosphere in which anything is possible. From entertaining to relaxing as well as socializing and celebrating. They create inviteful enviroment for family and friends, in which they can cherrish their most memorable moments within. They help to give the home a soul. Pure comfort is total comfort. But pure comfort is also comfort created in a sustainable way, using the most modern technologies that use renewable energy sources. The contemporary minimalist design of the clean lines of the Regulator device enhances the home as a detail that emphasizes the aesthetics of the interior.
The Regulator company's goal is to create home comfort in the form of physical comfort provided by heating/cooling, but at the same time it must also contain a visual component of the brand that contributes to a complete sense of comfort and perception towards the brand.
The visual identity of the Regulator company has a modern and bold look. While creating the logo, the goal was to combine several components and visualize the concepts of air flow, water flow, fluidity, but also to incorporate the company's monogram itself. A simple sign was designed that can function independently, and by multiplying it, it is possible to expand the identity itself by creating unique samples/patterns. As part of the identity, a set of brand colors was also chosen, which can also be used in the interior of the company. The logo and the entire identity are of a modular character, therefore they are suitable for multiple use, size scaling and application in various situations and on different materials.
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