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Startmotion creates cinematic brand films, develops video strategies and helps companies on their way to sustainable digital communication. The company was founded in 2015 and back then was mainly producing artistic films and video products. Throughout the years, Startmotion has been increasingly working on corporate based projects which has made an impact on their work and expertise.
Startmotion needed rebranding because its visual identity and logotype were misleading and weren’t following the new company vision. The company’s goal was to switch from a film-only approach to a film & video approach in a sustainable strategy. Ideally, they wanted to see the old logotype visual elements represented in the new logotype and typeface. The film element was great but the commercial video element was missing. The client pointed out that our main focus should be on the brand mark design.
The brand is communicating film and video production through a symbol that is simple, clear and memorable. Overall visual identity is minimalistic and subtle, brand colors are soft-hued, and typography unintrusive. The goal was to put the videos in the foreground of the visual communication instead of overshadowing the company work.
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