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TerraPia Skincare is a line of functional natural products based on zeolite - volcanic origin mineral. The unique crystalline structure of zeolite allows its use in skin care, in the healing of damaged skin and disinfection. TerraPia products are developed as a need for natural products of proven formula for facial, hand and body skin care.
Create a smart visual portrayal of the brand aligning with the philosophy of the natural mineral and its effectiveness in everyday life. Fusion of science and nature for effective products of wide application.
TerraPia Skincare was developed as a complete branding project from creating a strategy, developing a brand name, packaging identity design, webshop design and development, art direction and a collaborative process in creating product photography aligned with the brand. Guided by a strategic study that represents the key brand messages, we came up with the name TerraPia, which clearly communicates the curative functions of the product and also represents the essence of products of natural origin, where the word Terra (lat. nature / ground) and Pia (lat. soft), suggest natural ingredients in skin care. We detailed the visual system with use of green color that is reflected by the zeolite mineral, while clean minimalist labels and product name coding fuses science, technology and the rejection of superfluous - unnecessary ingredients. TerraPia logo shows the hexagonal structure of the zeolite.
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