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The Vault is a 115,000-square-foot historic commercial office building in downtown Denver. It formerly served as the headquarters for Colorado Business Bank and its predecessor, Colorado Women's Bank. The property was built in 1907 and is listed on the National Historic Register in 1977. The Vault building contains many remarkable historic vaults, a remnants from banking days. It is a monumental landmark in Denver and a memorable place for Denver locals. The restauration of the property took place and was completed in 2001. Today, The Vault is a iconic mixture of history and modern Office/Retail space, intended for people who will cherish this timeless legacy and enrich it with contemporary spirit that will stand the test of time.
Client requested from us to design a Logo with an Icon that will be an illustration of a Vault but as simple and stylized as possible. Our goal was to construct a Symbol using one basic shape and avoiding unnecessary details. Still, the Icon had to tell the story and give a hint to the observer of what it represents.
Leveraging the building’s rich history and impressive bank vaults, we developed a timeless visual identity and tagline (“Unlock a new story”) that capitalized on the concept of the building as a vault for local history, memories, and innovation. Designed to help Harbor Associates and its office and retail brokers attract the very best tenants, we infused all elements of design and content with a sense of both history and modernity, combining historical imagery with digital animations, and authentic storytelling with compelling renderings.
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