Restaurant Vatican is a family restaurant opened in 1992, located in the town of Vinkovci. A long family tradition of running a restaurant has created a reputation based on a top offer of food and complete gastronomic services. The entire offer of dishes is prepared from quality ingredients of local family farms, which the restaurant owners want to create cohesion between the climate, local food quality, knowledge and expertise of the staff of the Vatican restaurant. The client's goal is to continue to maintain correlation with customers, offering them a superior product and service as well as staying in a pleasant interior with a recognizable brand identity.
The specific name, location, history and family tradition of the restaurant are terms that are difficult to reconcile. The aim of the project is to unite the previous elements and create an identity that will communicate a unique story of the history of Vinkovci and the restaurant history integrated in the modern age and the new needs of communication.
The logo design for the Vatikan restaurant is based on a unique visual solution. By hand-printing the logo symbol itself, a sophisticated and personalized signature is added to the whole story. As the restaurant's offer is based on top quality food and its preparation, this segment has been used to expand identity design. By imprinting cross-sections of fruits and vegetables, food is used as an essential visual element. The inspiration for logo design was found in connection with the Vatican City itself and the history of the Roman Empire. The Trajan Sans typography is used to directly evoke typography from ancient Rome (Roman capital). The concept of imprinting visually alludes to leaving traces and stamps of a certain part of history. Considering that, Vinkovci is also one of the oldest Roman settlements, this way of finding a link for the formation of identity emerged as a logical sequence. Another aspect which is interesting in the context of the imprint/trace is the notion of The Veil of Veronica, taken from Christian iconography. The logo symbol itself is also associated with the contours of the letter "V", referring to the Vatican, so it can be used as a restaurant monogram.
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