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Ventidue pizza & bar offers traditional Pizza Napoletana with top Italian ingredients. The restaurant is located in Osijek, Croatia.
Naming and branding of the restaurant inspired by the Italian region Campania and the city Naples, where the recipe and art of making Pizza Napoletana come from.
The name Ventidue in Italian means the number twenty-two, which represents the restaurants location. The client's expectations were met without using any cliché Italian words. The link with the house number brought a touch of Italy and created a characteristic place for enjoying Pizza Napoletana in Osijek. The Ventidue logo represents the initial “V” and resembles a slice of pizza, also inspired by the diagonal line of the Campania flag. To portray the essence and beauty of Campania, the visual identity uses a bright pink flower called Bougainvillea, typical for the region.
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