Yoga Face

Identity / Packaging

Yoga Face is a group of inspired yogis, meditators, and ayurvedists who created some amazing skin care products, which increase the intelligence of the skin. Their products are always natural and their standards are high. Yoga Face uses ayurvedic formulas and special herbs designed to nourish and clear the channels of the skin. Their products never consist of synthetic ingredients and they are always vegan based. Yoga Face products are intelligently designed, cosmically inspired, and, with regular use, will enlighten the skin.
To bring the product closer to the yogi population alone, we use the Sutra inscription on the front of the packaging and the well-known inspirational Yoga phrase on the box lids. The bottom of the packaging includes the classic Indian pattern as a symbol of original culture, recipes, and ingredients.
Packaging concept is based on a two-color design for better product differentiation on shelves with competitive cosmetic products. Simple, minimalist approach with clean lines and application of white and beige emphasizes the use of fresh and natural ingredients.
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